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Take Strides!

3092 people on 190 teams have walked a total of 821,855 miles (averaging 265.8 miles each)
32.9 trips around the world

Resources and Tools

**Getting Started!-how to gather people, start a team, and track your miles

**Resources for Offline Members and Youth Teams-Printable Activity Tracking Forms, permission slips, parent letters and more

**General Health and Wellness Resources-resources and educational tools about safety, nutrition, and physical activity

**Local SF Health and Wellness Resources-find out what spaces, events and businesses in your neighborhood can help keep you physically active and in good health
Getting Started!
Walking Challenge Orientation
How to get started!
Planning Your Personal Mileage Goal
Recommendations from the CA Center for Physical Activity for how much physical activity you should get, based on your age. How Shape Up will support your team and how YOU can support your team! Ideas of things you can do with your team and ways to keep them motivated. Tips to get your team organized and active from the American Heart Association. Training guides for beginner and advanced walkers on the Active.com-walking channel. An About.com guide to pedometers, updated December 2014.
Have a Smart Phone?
App resources to help you track your progress. Every Body Walk! helps you track all aspects of your walks including distance, time, and calories burned.
Resources for Offline Members and Youth Teams
GROUP Activity Tracking Form
Form to track offline member activity. This is very useful for team leaders who are logging the miles for several members of their team.
INDIVIDUAL Activity Tracking Form
A printable form for OFFLINE TEAM MEMBERS (without regular computer access) to track activity. This can then be submitted to the Team Leader to enter online.
Team Leader Tips for Motivation and Creative Activity for SCHOOL/AFTERSCHOOL TEAMS
Ideas of things you can do with your team and ways to keep them motivated.
California Coastline Lesson
use this Powerpoint presentation to integrate the Walking Challenge into classroom lessons about CA geography, history, animals, and more. Please note that this document is a large file (3 megabytes)
Local SF Health and Wellness Resources
Local Resources and Research from the City's coalition on health and wellness FREE walking tours of various neighborhoods in SF A free iPhone app with routes that get revealed as you walk and solve clues. Working for pedestrian safety in SF San Francisco's Pedestrian Advocacy Organization Free classes and all the gear you need for active living